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Capture the Colours of Autumn - Pumpkin Leaf Cuts

1. Go for a walk and pick up some bright, jewel-coloured autumn leaves

2. Fold your leaf in half.

3. Cut a curved line to make a pumpkin shape and remove any pointed parts of the leaf to make the right shape.

4. Open the leaf to see the pumpkin shape.

5. Fold over one side of the curved shape. Cut a half triangle into the folded edge to make 2 eyes. Repeat for the other side.

6. Open up the leaf and you can see if the eyes are the right size and shape for you.

7. Fold the leaf in half again.

8. Fold the leaf again. Cut a zig zag line from the folded edge. Cut a second zig zag line parallel to the first and join them at the end to make half a Jack O ’Lantern mouth.

9. Open the leaf again to see the jagged smile – and you have a Jack O'Lantern!

You can press these leaf pumpkins so they dry flat, or you can allow them to crinkle a little as they dry. When they are dry, you can coat the leaf with a thin layer of mod podge, PVA (white craft glue) or varnish to seal them and make the colours glow.

Hang your leaves in the window, use them to make bunting, make Halloween cards and bookmarks – you can do so many things!

Watch my video of making these lovely leaf cuts here

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