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Welcome to The Wildwoods

Updated: Dec 11, 2021

A lifetime in the making...

I have guest blogged for years; have had false starts and stutters with my own blogs but it never 'stuck.' I am taking the opportunity now, as I draw the folds of my creative life around me with this website, to begin again. That's important in this strange liminal-lockdown-time. It has drifted up around us like fronds of weed in dark waters, threatening to clog forward motion.

I'm a writer. I'm a textiles artist. Sometimes I do these things at the same time. I live in the far north of England and I'm looking out of the window as I type this, towards the 900 acres of forest we access from the gate at the bottom of our garden.

I sleep with the window open every night, following the wheel of the year right round. I'm lulled by falling rain, the sough of wind through branches and the song of the owl and fox. It's no wonder that the forest suffuses my work - it creeps into my dreams and builds twiggy nests there.

I'm looking forward to sharing my creative journey with you.

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